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Application by substrate — here are a few surfaces CleanerBlast™ can clean:


• Delicately removes rust, grease, oils, stains, paint, graffiti, gum, glue, resins, epoxy and many other foreign substance or distortions.

• Etch for improved adhesion prior to applying coatings.

• Expose aggregate for concrete patch/repair

• Expose rebar to allow proper refurbishment or replacement

• Etch ornamental designs using stencils to create graphics, patterns, names, numbers, etc.


• Removes mill scale from new steel.

• Will create surface profiles from smooth finish to 5 mils. for better adhesion of applied coatings.

• Salt removers and rust inhibitors can be added to the water to create a barrier from flash rust providing a clean contaminant free surface and also allowing more time to paint


• Remove scratches and grinding marks for more aesthetically pleasing finish quality

• Prepares surface profile for better coating adhesion

• Remove oxidation (white rust) from structures or components to prevent deterioration

• Blast thin material without risk of heat/friction related warping and stretching

Brass / Bronze

• Restores brass or bronze to near polished finish with baking soda, or nut based grit


• Clean discoloration from welds, stains and fouling


• Removes mineral deposits, rust stains, oil, grease, tar and more


• Strip away mortar stains, mildew, oil, wax and more


• Delicately removes paint, stains, graffiti, gum, glue, resins, epoxy and many other foreign substance or distortions
• Great for restoring without damaging




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