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Discover why CleanerBlast is simply safer.
Safe work is not just a side effect; it's a result!

  • Important facts about CleanerBlast ▼

    • CleanerBlast allows for safer work applications.

    • CleanerBlast requires minimal PPE as compared to conventional water and dry blasting.

    • CleanerBlast requires minimal clean up due to less water and media consumption.

    • CleanerBlast dispenses grit without dispensing dust.

    • CleanerBlast requires minimal support services, thus reduces man-hours & mitigates risks.

    • CleanerBlast is simple to operate and reduces chances for human errors.

  • Cleaner Air = Safer Jobsite ▼

    • Cleaner Air to breathe is safer for the operator, co-workers, animals, plants, insects & organisms.

    • Cleaner Air means cleaner lungs.

    • Cleaner Air means less damage to machinery and rotating equipment.

    • Cleaner Air means particles stay confined to immediate work area for more rapid complete cleanup.

    • Cleaner Air means better visibility which enhances job quality and reduces worker fatigue.

    • Cleaner Air allows multiple trades to work in close proximity simultaneously meaning fewer job hours and less overall average time on

    jobsite which reduces personal risk for injuries.

  • 90% Less Grit = Safer Work Environment ▼

    • 90% Less Grit to load into blast equipment means 90%  less possibility for back injuries, slipping, falling, hand injuries & overall chance

    for worker injuries.

    • 90% Less Grit to transport means 90% less over-the-road trucking requirements reducing the possibilities of traffic accident frequency.

    • 90% Less Grit means 90% less supply boat requirements to deliver spent & unspent grit to & from offshore platforms.

    • 90% Less Grit means 90% less bags to fill at grit dispensaries meaning fewer possibilities for dispensary bag-loading related accidents.

    • 90% Less Grit means 90% less possibilities of forklift related injuries on the jobsite and at the dispensaries.

    • 90% Less Grit means 90% less grit to clean-up, further eliminating onsite man hours and decreasing odds towards personal injuries.

  • CleanerBlast vs. Water Jetting (Safety Contrasts) ▼

    • CleanerBlast machines provide safe, low pressure blasting from 40psi to 125psi vs. up to 60,000 psi GREATLY reduces the risks of

    severe personal injury or death.

    • CleanerBlast machine operators usually only require face shields and hearing protections vs protective “Body suits” which inhibit

    workers’ agility for free movement and greater dexterity.

    • CleanerBlast machines require much less ancillary equipment vs. water jetting which reduces jobsite clutter and minimizes jobsite

    congestive work space.

    • CleanerBlast machines rely on mild abrasive scrubbing action to effectively clean without the need of additional dangerous chemical

    degreasers common in water jetting applications.

    • CleanerBlast machines can operate in small confines spaces vs. water jetting which require a minimum of a 6’ lance to prevent

    accidentally severing of body parts.



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