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Here is just a sample of the industries benefiting from CleanerBlast™ technology:

image of a chemical plant


• Dust-free operations for a wide array of in-plant maintenance protocols

• Safely clean tube bundles to a shiny, smooth finish with a fraction of the mess and cost

• Perform totally contained CUI maintenance responsibilities in operating plants without interrupting adjacent operations

• Safely remove spilled dried resins, rust, chlorides and other foreign contaminants from most surfaces

• Clean rotating equipment in place before, during or after maintenance repairs

• Abrasive clean dirty reactors for increased efficiency and better purity of finished products


image of an oil refinery


• Clean Coker units efficiently and reduce vacuum truck service costs

• Catalyst Cracking units perform more efficiently when cleaned

• Remove fouling from head exchanger tubes to increase thermal performance

• Gently scrub off scale and mineral deposits from cooling water systems

• Industrial cleaning of scrubber columns made safe with water soluble baking soda blast media


image of a manufacturing plant


• DE burring and finishing of manufactured parts

• Surface preparation of new fabricated metals intended for coating

• Increase or decrease friction between or on machined, cast or welded surfaces

• Shot peening cast parts for stress relieving



image of an offshore oil platform


• Preferred surface preparation method for use around highly sensitive equipment common on offshore platforms

• 90% efficiency reduces transportation and disposal costs of consumables and equipment to and from offshore installations

• Clean drilling muds from containers with less mess and cost than popular UHP techniques

• Self-containment attributes allow for workers to work in close proximity with less intrusion of other trades in immediate area



image of a turbine engine in a remanufacturing plant


• Clean and restore engine blocks, crankshafts, intakes, manifolds and aluminum parts

• Abrasive blast frames, chassis, piping, hydraulics, enclosures, electrical components, etc

• Resurface and refurbish machined joints and sealing surfaces with precision results

• Rapidly and professionally remove gaskets, sealants, carbon, sludge, rust and more



image of a rental tool company yard


• Excellent ROI compared to all other tools common in most rental equipment fleets

• Promotes air compressor rental sales

• Value added benefit of abrasive grit media sales resulting directly from renting the equipment

• Little to no maintenance or repair requirements compared to other rental tools

• Benefit the environment and display high standard of environmental stewardship



image of a military tank


• Compact and portable enough to perform abrasive cleaning operations in the field

• Use for remanufacturing and refurbish/repair of military specific vehicles and weaponry

• No harmful chemicals required

• Maximum blast times and minimal grit/water consumption per charge compared to traditional methods further reducing

field supply logistic requirements

• Basic training of general skill sets is all that is required for usage and successful operation



image of a nuclear power plant


• Remove sediment fouling and marine growths in boiler feed water systems

• Increase efficiency of abrasive cleaned sea water heat exchangers

• Precisely resurface/clean turbine engine parts with 220 grit aluminum oxide grit

• Clean corrosion from salt contaminants on electrical connections near shoreline facilities

• Simplify cleaning of furnaces, boilers and exhaust stacks

• Increase fan thrust of windmill by reducing drag from fouling



image of a food processing plant and food processing equipment


• Uses soluble food grade baking soda blast media

• Easily clean and sanitize ovens, cookers, fryers, blenders and grinders

• Refurbish conveyers, augers, mixers and more

• Renew fouled packaging and material handling equipment

• Clean manufacturing process area floors



image of a tractor on a farm


• Maintain and clean farm equipment for maximum productivity

• Clean manure and corrosives from processing areas without the use of harmful chemicals

• Safe for livestock and agriculture



image of a City Hall side on the side of a building


• Many uses in waste water treatment facilities to safely remove coating from concrete structures

• Reduces airborne emissions and containment costs associated with bridge construction or refinishing/refurbishment

• Safely remove road markings alongside of roadways and intersections

• Restore historic monuments, buildings and structures

• Fast and effective removal of graffiti reduces crime and protects property values



image of an eighteenth century cathedral


• Clean and restore soft stone, brick, concrete, stucco, marble, granite, bronze, brass and copper

• Gently restore antique autos, boats, planes, trains, buildings and landmarks and more

• Remove rust, corrosion and buildup from fire hydrants and water piping systems

• Remove mold, smoke/soot damage, water and rust stains from fire, storms, floods or other catastrophic occurrences

• “Feather touch” cleaning of archaeological discoveries





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