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CleanerBlastâ„¢ provides an environmentally friendly media blast alternative to dry abrasive blasting, soda blasting, surface preparation and other paint removal tools.

The company is staffed with industry veterans with superior knowledge, experience and broad understanding of dustless, safe, wet abrasive cleaning methods worldwide. We have almost a decade of experience on design, manufacturing, testing and application specific research on alternative blast cleaning technology.

Our revolutionary tool can clean stains, strip paint and remove corrosion or fouling from almost any surface. We manufacture wet abrasive blast cleaning machines that work on almost any surface preparation job from soft wood, to stone, brick, plastic fiberglass and metal, to profiling new steel for painting, shot peening, or to add or remove a texture on a surface to be coated or cleaned. No gimmicks; just world class experience combined with great character and the most innovative thinkers, ready to help you solve your cleaning challenges. We are ready to serve!



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